Meet Your IRWA Team

Shelley Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Cook

Water Circuit Rider
(Southeast/Central Idaho)

Kerry Huss

Water Circuit Rider
(Southwest Idaho)

Dion Holton

Water Circuit Rider
(Northern Idaho)

Gary Sievers

Apprenticeship Coordinator

April Hill

Apprenticeship Program Specialist

Casey Fisher

Technical Trainer

Craig Sturman

Wastewater Circuit Rider
(Southeast/Central Idaho)

Kurtis Hart

Wastewater Circuit Rider
(Western/Northern Idaho)

Paul Sifford

Support Services

Adrianna Cardoso

Source Water Protection & Training Development Specialist

Chris Johnson

EPA Program Coordinator

Ethan Jayne

Source Water Protection Specialist

Carrie Gilstrap

Membership & Marketing Coordinator

Tina Manolopoulos

Financial & Human Resource Specialist

Tondee Clark

Training Coordinator

Idaho Rural Water Association

Mailing / Physical Address: 6395 W. Gowen Rd. Boise, Idaho 83709

Telephone: (208) 343-7001

Toll Free: (855) 245-9250

Fax: (208) 343-1866

Email: office@idahoruralwater.com

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The Idaho Rural Water Association staff can provide you with technical assistance in drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, surface water, and source water protection.
Technical Assistance for Water Utilities: IRWA's Circuit Riders offer technical assistance on any topic related to operation and management of your utility. Circuit Riders can provide help over the phone, through email, or in person at your utility. Support and training covers areas of daily operation and maintenance, management and finance, leak detection, cross-connection, sanitary surveys and regulatory violations, rate structures, operator licensure questions, line locating, meter testing and repair, treatment and disinfection, well construction and plans, compliance, and essentially all issues pertaining to public water systems! Special emphasis is placed on those systems that are out of compliance with Federal and State drinking water regulations and serve under 10,000 in population.
Technical Assistance for Wastewater Utilities: Technical assistance is also offered for public wastewater utilities. Our Wastewater Technicians are well versed in all aspects of Idaho's wastewater operator licensing requirements and training, daily operations and maintenance of collection and treatment systems, discharge monitoring reports, NPDES/IPDES permits, compliance agreements, utility management and sustainable practices, finances and budgeting, and more. Wastewater Technicians can provide assistance remotely or in person at your utility! Obtain help with camera-ing your sewer lines, clearing clogs, implementing a pretreatment or FOG program, identifying and repairing infiltration and inflow (I & I), sludge judging, algae removal and reduction, laboratory diagnosis and assessment, disinfection adjustment, safety, and more. Special emphasis is placed on those systems that are out of compliance with Federal and State drinking water regulations and serve under 10,000 in population.
Source Water Protection: These programs serve to protect the aquifers and surface waters that provide drinking water to Idaho's communities. Our Source Water Protection Specialists will help your community develop a Source Water Protection Plan with the goal of providing safe drinking water for our communities. These plans are meant to join districts, towns, counties, and regions together with a common focus. Help your water system maintain the highest quality of drinking water now and in the future by protecting your water source.
Training Seminars: IRWA is the premier provider of drinking water and wastewater training in Idaho. Classroom subjects address daily operations, troubleshooting, process control and assessment, cutting edge technology, operator licensing and training, safety for operators and public works, Board and Council training, and more. Our Annual Conference each March is the largest operator trade show in Idaho, featuring state of the art industry exhibits and technical sessions. Our Northern Conference in the Fall brings training sessions and exhibits to the Coeur d'Alene region, as well as fundraisers, games, and more. Click on the training link to view upcoming classes, or contact us if you do not see the class you need.