Membership & Sponsorship Information

Idaho Rural Water Association has an unmatched network of resources and experience to benefit your system. Our staff members have over 100 years of combined experience in the water, wastewater and source water protection fields. IRWA canvases the entire state of Idaho with one purpose, to help rural communities. By becoming a member of IRWA, you are not only supporting your system but are also helping support the entire network of rural Idaho communities. This invaluable network becomes available to you as a member.

Power of Association...

Membership in the Association shall consist of the following categories: 

Direct Members - A Direct Member is a partnership, municipality, district, association, corporation, or other legal entity as defined by the State of Idaho, whose purpose is that of providing drinking water or wastewater services. A Direct Member may also be a partnership, association, corporation, or other legal entity as defined by the State of Idaho whose is required by state or federal law to provide drinking water or wastewater services incidental to its operating purposes. 

Associate Members - An Associate Member shall be any individual, firm, association, corporation or other legal entity that is engaged in business allied with the drinking water or wastewater industry like engineers, pump and pipe suppliers, etc.

Individual Members - Individual Members shall be individuals that support the principles of the Association, but neither work for nor participate on a governing board for drinking water or wastewater systems or individuals who want to support the Association in addition to the membership of their affiliate system.

Supporting Members - Supporting Members shall be municipalities, corporations, districts or other legal entities that support the concepts of the Association, but either do not meet the membership criteria as outlined above or are municipalities, corporations, districts or other legal entities that do meet the Direct Membership criteria but nonetheless elect not to be a Direct Member.


Direct System, Individual and Support Membership 

  • Legislative Representation 
  • Membership Discounts
  • Legal Counsel (Direct Members Only)
  • Technical Resources
  • On-site Technical Assistance
  • Member Directory
  • IRWA Voting Privileges & Committee Opportunities (Direct Members Only)
  • Scholarships for Higher Education (Direct Members Only)
  • Classified Ads & Job Announcements
  • Awards of Excellence Eligibility (Direct Members Only)
  • To view a list of IRWA's Current Members, click here


   IRWA Associate Membership and Sponsors 

  • Promote your business while supporting Idaho’s Water and Wastewater community
  • Interact with our System Members by participating in our trainings and conferences
  • Receive all training publication notices
  • Receive discounts on publication advertising and on conference registrations at the IRWA Annual Technical Conferences (Spring and Fall)
  • Receive priority on any articles submitted for publication in the Water Gram that are within the guidelines of IRWA
  • Be in continual contact and kept up-to-date on Idaho Water/Wastewater industry issues and events
  • To view a list of IRWA's Current Associate Members and Sponsors, click here


To view the contact information for our Associate Members and Sponsors, click here

The Annual Member Directory is out! Feel free to contact our office if you would like us to send you additional copies: (208) 343-7001 or office@idahoruralwater.com

More Ways to Support Idaho Rural Water Association

You can show your support for Idaho Rural Water Association simply by displaying the above logo on your website. Contact the IRWA office at (208) 343-7001 or office@idahoruralwater.com to request a Proud Supporter of the Idaho Rural Water Association logo for your website. 

Thank you for all you do to protect Idaho’s drinking water and wastewater systems!

Next time you go grocery shopping, you could be contributing to the Idaho Rural Water Association! All you have to do is go to https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards-4 and select Idaho Rural Water Association (#82606) as the organization you would like to link your rewards card to. Then, every time you use your Fred Meyer Rewards Card, a donation will be made by Fred Meyer to IRWA! You still earn your rewards points, fuel points, and rebates just as you do now, but IRWA will see a benefit as well.