Operations Specialist Training Assistance Scholarship

The Operations Specialist scholarship fund was founded by MetroQuip, Inc. in 2016 on behalf of Idaho’s Operations Specialists.

The scholarship funds are available to help individuals obtain and/or maintain their drinking water, wastewater or backflow assembly tester licenses. The scholarship funds may help offset the cost of training requirements or licensing.

Any individual currently working in or is interested in working in the drinking water or wastewater industry is eligible to apply for these funds. Idaho Rural Water Association employees, board members, and their immediate families are not eligible.

Scholarship funds may be used for the following:
  • Formal classroom training tuition or online training
  • Books and study material
  • Conference fees
  • Lodging and/or travel expenses to attend trainings
  • Application fees for examination, testing fees, or re-testing fees
This is a cost reimbursement program. You will be reimbursed up to the amount you or your utility had to spend for the identified purpose. Receipts must be provided for reimbursement to occur. Reimbursement will occur in the form of a check sent to your utility. Scholarships are valid for up to twelve months from the date awarded. Complete the application and provide a short essay (limited to 400 words) explaining why this assistance is needed.

Applications may be submitted anytime; there is no specific due date.

Applications will be evaluated on a comparative basis at the discretion of the IRWA Training Assistance Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee will review each application and assign it points based on the information provided by the applicant. Notifications will be made within thirty (30) days of submittal via an acceptance or rejection letter in the mail. The letter will be sent to the address provided on the application. Scholarship application materials and decisions of the Scholarship Committee are confidential. All decisions are final.