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Collaborate with the City of Kuna


Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Dear IRWA members:

The City of Kuna would like to collaborate with another sewer agency to bid center pivots for land application and reduce associated headaches. The pivots must be of quality to handle treated sewer effluent.

This project entails any necessary work to have fully functional center pivots, such as pipe and electrical work.

If you know of anyone who has already or plans to upgrade to pivots, please contact Catherine Feistner, the Assistant City Engineer at 208-639-5347 or cfeistner@kunaid.gov. The City of Kuna appreciates your assistance.


Again, appreciate your help with this!


Cat Feistner, EIT

City of Kuna – Asst. City Engineer

Office: 208-639-5347


751 W 4th St

PO Box 13

Kuna, ID 83634


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