Water and Wastewater Resources for Kids

Links for more fun!

Home Energy Conservation for Kids: Thanks Amanda and Debbie DiBiase’s class!
Boise Watershed Video for Teachers
Groundwater Fun – National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Children’s website

Solar Power Guide - This comes from our new friend, Logan Stevens. Thank you Logan! Learn all about solar and renewable energy.
EPA’s Drinking and Groundwater Kids Stuff: Games & Online Activities.
EPA’s Environmental Kids Club: Info on air, water, plants and animals, garbage and recycling.
EPA Student Site: Water projects for students and teachers.
U.S. Department of Agriculture for Kids: Plenty of features on this site–weather, food, safety, science, conservation.
Water Conservation for Kids: Saving resources, shaping habits and water conservation for kids.
Groundwater Foundation Kids Corner: Learn about Groundwater and why it is so important.
U.S. Geological Survey for Kids: U.S. Geological Survey’s Water Science for Schools.
National Science Foundation: Learn about new discoveries and science for kids.
NASA’s Kids Space: View Rivers from space and much more!
Library of Congress for Kids: America’s Library–fun site for kids and families.
Rivers Viewed From Space
National Parks Conservatory
National Geographic for Kids
Animal Planet
PBS Kids