Let's Save Water For A Better Today and Tomorrow!

This map shows just how much water Idaho uses compared to other states! Yes, we don't receive as much rainwater as the eastern United States. But this map is only showing domestic uses - not agricultural irrigation. We can do better, and it will take all of us to make a change. Did you know that Idaho uses more domestic water per capita than any other state? Read the study here.


A water audit will tell you how much water your lawn is actually receiving, so you can adjust your irrigation or watering schedule accordingly.

1. Place a few containers with vertical sides throughout your yard. Tuna cans or cat food cans work well. 

2. Turn on your sprinklers for 15 min or 30 min (time it carefully!).

3. After the set amount of time has resumed, measure the depth of water collected in each can using a ruler.

4. Use this measurement to water according to the 1-inch or 2-inch guidelines on the figure shown to the right. 

5. If your grass has brown spots, you may want to perform the water audit with cans in those locations. Brown spots are not always caused by lack of water.







CLICK HERE to read Frequently Asked Questions About Idaho’s Drought. Brought to you courtesy of Idaho Rural Water Association.