How to Create A Source Water Protection Plan

Creating a SWPP takes some thought and planning. Review the links below to get an explanation of the process and learn how to get started protecting your drinking water!

Getting Started:

Source Water Protection Simplified
Source Water Protection Diagram
Six Steps to creating a SWPP
Letter for Planning Team Members: Sometimes it can be hard to explain source water protection to your planning team members. Feel free to use this letter as a template to communicate with you team. Have them read it prior to your first meeting.
Contact your County Commissioner: Send a letter to your County Commissioner letting them know that you are working on a SWPP. Having the support of your County can help you gain protection for areas outside your city limits.
Check out the Source Water Assessment for your system! This will show you the protection area maps, susceptibility ranking for your intakes, a list of potential contaminants in your area, and more!


Source Water Protection Plan Template
Recertification Template: DEQ requires a certified SWPP to be updated and submitted for recertification every five years. Use this template to get started.
Contingency Plan Template: Part of having a certified SWPP includes planning for water system emergencies. This template will help you identify your most probably threats, and provide an easy-reference table of people and agencies to contact during emergencies.
Potential Contaminant Ranking Matrix: This document will help you prioritize potential threats to your drinking water source.
Matrix Instruction Sheet: Use these instructions to complete the worksheet above. Items to include in the potential contaminant matrix can be found at the SWA online database.
Implementation Schedule Template: Organize your protection activities and strategies using this table.