Source Water Protection Diagram

This diagram is meant to illustrate the steps involved in creating a Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP). Note that source water protection is a continual process. Re-evaluation of your system, and any potential threats to it, is essential to maintaining safe drinking water now and in the future.

The activities in the top half of this diagram are performed by DEQ for every public drinking water system in Idaho; this is known as the “Source Water Assessment,” or SWA. The data gathered by DEQ during this process is the basis for your source water protection efforts. It will outline the physical area in which you should focus your protection efforts, potential threats to your system and water source, and more.

View your system’s SWA.

The activities shown in the bottom half of this diagram are performed by you, the system, during the creation of your Source Water Protection Plan. You will develop a protection management plan that addresses the issues identified in the Source Water Assessment. Your IRWA Source Water Protection Specialist can assist you with these steps. We are here to guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and get the word out to your community! We can help facilitate meetings and assist with the “on the ground work.” Please contact us!

**Note: The Source Water Protection Program in Idaho has undergone several name changes over the years. You may see it referred to as Drinking Water Protection (DWP), Drinking Water Source Protection (DWSP), Wellhead Protection (WP), or something of that nature.