Consumer Confidence Reports

Does anyone read your CCR? IRWA can help you create a colorful, eye-catching CCR that includes all the required information, is easy to read, and includes text regarding protection of your drinking water source. The goal is to maximize the number of people that read the CCR and therefore take an interest in their drinking water quality, conservation, and source. Perhaps a colorful trifold brochure will be more inviting to read than a black and white multi-page text document.

Below are some examples of attractive, easy-to-read CCR templates. These are brochures that can be folded and included in your utility bills. Contact IRWA at (208) 343-7001 or ccr@idahoruralwater.com for help in creating one for your system.

Groundwater system CCR template
Surface water system CCR template
General CCR template
Rules and regulations regarding CCR’s
CCR writing assistance tool created by DEQ 

Want more help? IRWA can review your CCR or create one for you.

  • CCR Review: Member price: $75     Non-member price: $100

  • Full CCR Report: Member price: $125     Non-member price: $200

* A $25 fee will be applied to CCR requests made after June 25th 

(additional costs for printing from the IRWA office)

                    Contact our office to get started