Create a Public Service Announcement

Creating a public service announcement (PSA) to air on local channels is an effective way to spread the word about source water protection. Consider working with neighboring communities that may draw from the same water source as you to raise funding. If you are a surface water system, present the idea to communities up and down stream.

Creating a PSA is easier than you may think. Click on the links below to view PSAs that have aired in Idaho, and learn about the benefits and methods of creating one.

City of Jerome’s PSA: Jerome created a public service announcement to teach people about the importance of clean water.

College of Western Idaho’s PSAs: CWI students created PSAs about public safety.

IRWA’s PSA: IRWA’s Member Services Coordinator, Christina Marks, created this PSA to explain what we do and how we serve public utilities. Steve Koonce generously filmed and edited.

Source Water Protection PSAs: The following PSAs are the result of collaborative efforts between the cities of Fruitland, Weiser, Horseshoe Bend, Emmett, Meridian, and New Plymouth. Created by Tick Tock Media Productions with additional support from Idaho DEQ, these video alert Idahoans about the source of their drinking water and how to protect it!