Encourage Proper Use of Fertilizers

Over fertilization is negatively affecting surface and ground waters in Idaho. Fertilizer contributes nitrates, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, and more to our drinking water supplies. It may also indicate the presence of other harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides.

Encourage your drinking water customers to be conservative with home use of fertilizers. People often over apply fertilizer on their lawns, and over water! Explaining how fertilizer can move over paved surfaces and also leach through soils into groundwater can help people make the connection between their actions and the health of their aquifer. Provide education regarding drinking water treatment and the increase in utility bills associated with treatment.

To view the 2014 nitrate priority areas in Idaho, visit DEQ’s website 

DEQ’s nitrate page

DEQ’s fertilizer and pesticide pamphlet

Flyer – Basic Facts on Fertilizer: Post this in your City Hall, library, local hardware stores, or anywhere you think people will see it!

Flyer - Safe Fertilizer Practices: Encourage your residents to take these safety measures when fertilizing.

Learn about a great Idaho-made, chemical-free, fertilizer for your home garden.

Brochure on how to increase beneficial pollinators on your farm. This will increase your crop production naturally.

Information on how to use pesticides without damaging the “good bugs.” This will also help increase crop production and decrease chemicals in our drinking water.