Host A Well Testing Event For Your Community!

A great way to educate people about nitrates and other contaminants in drinking water is to offer a free well testing event. Residents with private wells on their property can bring a sample of their water to be tested for different contaminants. Have literature on hand for distribution regarding well maintenance, source water protection, water conservation, public health, and more.

If your home receives its drinking water from a private well, it is your responsibility to make sure your water is safe for you and your family to consume. Nobody else is testing the water for you!

View a list of contaminants you should regularly test your well water for, courtesy of Idaho Health and Welfare

Example flyer for a well testing event - this can tailored to your community and used for advertising 

Environmental Protection Agency’s page on private well water

This sample from a private well shows nitrate in excess of 4 times the MCL.