Teach Source Water Protection In Your Local Schools

It is never too early to start teaching your children about preserving our most vital resource – clean, safe water. IRWA believes that educating our youth about the importance of source water protection is a necessary step to ensuring safe drinking water for future generations. We want our children and our children’s children to be able to enjoy the Idaho lifestyle we all love. Maintaining safe water is an essential component to accomplishing that goal.

Teaching children about source water protection will help foster a conscientious attitude towards our natural resources. Source water protection is a long term conservation strategy. While immediate results aren’t always seen, the idea is that educating people now will help prevent contamination and widespread pollution of our sources in the future.

IRWA has access to great lesson plans for students of all ages. We can come to your local schools and present short, interactive activities regarding drinking water sources, conservation, and protection. Reach out to your local teachers and youth. Make school activities part of your source water protection management strategy!

Lesson plans to share with your local teachers, courtesy of DEQ 

Student activities, courtesy of DEQ

Links to resources for kids 

View a short explanation of one of our most popular activities and ways that IRWA can provide outreach to your local schools!